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Registration Process Starts here

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Step 1

Find a qualification

Find your qualification and choose your module 

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Step 2

Submit your regisration

Complete and submit your registration

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Step 3


Pay your study fees

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Step 4

Pay your study fees


Once you have completed and submitted your registration form, you must pay the fees that you calculated in step 3.


All fees must be paid into the Ecorbit Academy official bank account with the correct reference number in order for the university to process your registration before the relevant closing date.

Payment Method
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Payment methods

For your convenience, we provide a variety of different payment methods. In the case of electronic transfers, please ensure that the reference field is completed correctly. No cash or cheques will be accepted at any Ecorbit Academy office. Cash can, however, be paid into the university’s bank account at any First National Bank branch.

Cancelling modules

To cancel modules, login to www.ecorbithealth/academy . Choose the eLeaning Portal link, click on "Student Admin" and then on "Cancel Modules". You will, however, forfeit the applicable portion of the fees paid (related to the date of cancellation). Please look at the “exclusion from studies” paragraph in the Student Rules before cancelling modules. Should you wish to cancel your registration within 10 calendar days of your registration being activated, you may apply for a full refund in line with Ecorbit Academy's cooling-off period. To apply for a possible refund complete the relevant refund form and submit to after the cancellation has been processed.

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