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Ecorbit Health


We do everything of our business in accordance with a philosophy that values transparency, responsibility, honesty, quality, and innovation.

Amanda Duma
Chief Executive Officer 

This is us

Our Vision


Creating economic opportunities and transforming lives in low-to-middle income countries.

Our History


Established in 2015, everything we do at Ecorbit Health is built on demonstrated expertise, excellent client service, and the pursuit of world class innovative strategies for outstanding performance. We specialize in the manufacturing, importation and distribution of medical equipment, disposables, devices, and consumables.


We provide cutting edge technology and our consultancy team provokes new thinking and drive innovative strategies; to ensure your business stays relevant in the digitally connected world. Through our innovative supply chain solutions, we support complex supply chain projects to transform the lives of people in low- and middle-income countries.

Operating Environment
  • Committed to Customers
  • Driven by Excellence 
  • Creating Social Value 
  • Leading by Example
  • Decentralized and Diverse Portfolio
  • Customer Centric 
  • Micro-enterprise unit
  • Enterpreneurial Spirit 
  • Performance Driven Culture

  • Economic Growth
  • Government Policy & Regulation
  • Technology Advances 
  • Customer Spend 
  • Infrustructure Development 

What We Stand For

Providing cutting-edge technology in Healthcare that integrates with the people’s needs. 
We have a strong desire to do the "right thing" and to deliver the promises that we make at the "right time" The company maintains very high levels of innovations, knowledge and technical expertise to deliver integrated solutions that work.  Getting this right, does not happen by chance. 
Driven by Excellence
All of our employees are valued and respected for their abilities, time, and objectives. We work hard to provide a space where students can perform and develop to their full potential.
Leading by Example
Committed to Customers
We base all of our choices and evaluations of our performance on how effectively they benefit our clients. We thrive and expand if and when our consumers do.
We maintain moral behavior even when no one else is watching. 
We behave like owners while thinking like consumers. Every employee has the ability to improve our company.
Empowering Entrepreneurship
We look at the big picture and work to change society in a lasting way. We are creating something lasting, something that is worthwhile.
Creating Social Value
Our Vision


Our vision is to create economic opportunities and transforming lives in low-to-middle income countries.

Our Values 

Customer Service       Quality       Integrity         Accountability 

Our Strategy

Ecorbit Health's business model enables it to grow its business and achieve scale by decentralising decision-making and empowering its diverse portfolio of products.

We maintain the highest levels of expertise to enable us to deliver on our values. We provide the strongest, most reliable resources to deliver high technology medical equipment safely and timely without inconveniences. 

We encourage and provide support for our entrepreneurial management teams, which enable many businesses across all of our areas of operation to act as value creation catalysts. We further assist our teams in developing a network of companies that actively benefits and adds value to our clientele, places an emphasis on revenue production and returns, while also fostering a society that is stronger and more capable of functioning effectively and sustainably.

We support creativity and an atmosphere where workers may thrive, which in turn propels our development throughout markets, regions, and society. We always work to increase the value of our portfolio by diversifying our services, going global in the niches of hygiene and facilities management, as well as plumbing-related wholesaling, and effectively allocating capital, including on bolt-on purchase and long-dated assets.

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